5 Tools to Gain Trust in the Workplace

Trust is vital in all walks of life, including the workplace. A business needs trust in order to build a solid customer base that will have faith in your products and services and return to you in the future. Trust is also necessary to build a reliable and loyal workforce, full of people who will give their all to help with the success of the company. Let’s look at five tools you can use to ensure there is trust in your workplace.

  1. Keep your promises at all costs. This is the basis of any trusting relationship. Making promises and breaking them or telling lies will result in customers growing wary about using your business in the future. Meanwhile, broken promises in the workplace can lead to uneasiness and uncertainty among the staff, reducing overall efficiency.
  2. Remain consistent at all times. An unpredictable manager who suffers from mood swings and changes in ideas and principles often will create an awkward ambiance at work. Employees will be less trusting of a boss they consider unpredictable. If you struggle with excessive mood swings, take up an activity or seek professional help to control your emotions and start being the leader your team can count on.
  3. Admit your mistakes and move on. There’s no need to hide errors or blame problems on other people. A true test of a leader’s character comes when he or she makes an error. Some will decide to run away from this problem and will therefore be seen as weak and untrustworthy in the eyes of staff. A good boss needs to own up to their mistakes and suggest solutions immediately, rather than waiting for things to sort themselves out.
  4. Improve the connection with your customers by giving them more. Businesses are designed around profits and so some compromises have to be made, but that should never be a reason to take your customers for granted. Use surveys to find out what they want and make them feel like a part of your business. This will strengthen the bonds between you and encourage them to return to you in the future.
  5. Do your best to de-stress your staff. Too often, individual members of a team can be overlooked and therefore suffer with stress and anxiety in silence. You have to take the time to listen to your staff and cater to their needs. Similarly, it’s important to create a working atmosphere in which people don’t feel stressed or scared about making mistakes and asking for help. By making your staff more comfortable, they’ll become more focused on the tasks at hand and therefore more efficient.

Trust is vital for any business to succeed. If you follow these five tools, you’ll be able to develop solid relationships with both your employees and your customers by optimizing your trust factor, helping to develop the identity of your business as an honest and reliable one.

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