10 Apps Designed for the Small Business Owner

When running a small business it is important to take advantage of today’s technology. That is why business apps are so important to help maximize your time. The more productive you are during the day, the easier it will be to grow your small business 

Most Popular Small Business Apps for Androids and iOS:

  1. TripIt: Organize your tips, create a master itinerary, and access your travels plans all with one app. This is excellent for the person on the go who needs to keep track of their plane schedules and daily trip logs.
  2. Team Viewer: With the TeamViewer app you can log in and access your computer when away from the office. This is a great app for all Windows 8/RT/Windows Phone 8, Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry.
  3. Scanner Pro: All professionals need a portable scanner and Scanner Pro can turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner. You can professionally scan documents and create PDF files in your office or out in the field.
  4. LastPass: Do you have too many passwords to remember or have problems creating new passwords?  LastPass is the perfect app to help you create new passwords and remember your old passwords.
  5. Free Agent: This is the perfect app for small business owners who need help managing their cash flow. The account-based dashboard allows you to coordinate your bank accounts, invoices and expenses.
  6. Any.do: If you need an app to help you manage your tasks, then Any.do can help you. As a small business owner, you can collaborate on projects, create to-do lists, manage your tasks, and take notes.
  7. Evernote: The perfect app for all small businesses to create notes, add photos, clip web articles to your notes, and capture handwritten notes.
  8. Dropbox: If you're in need of safe online storage for your files, then Dropbox is for your small business. Dropbox is a secure file sharing platform that provides a collaboration platform for all your business files. Furthermore, all your files are stored in a central storage location.
  9. MileIQ: If you travel frequently and need to keep a mileage log for your company this is the perfect app. The mobile app records and tracks your mileage using the latest driver-detection technology.
  10. Shoeboxed: A mobile scanning tool that can scan all your receipts and business cards. You can organize your receipts, track mileage, and create expense reports.

Image: pixabay.com

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