12 Distinguishing Facts Concerning Geo-fencing, Geo-targeting and Beaconing

The terms geo-fencing, geotargeting, and beaconing are marketing terms that currently appear often in search engines. The three terms frequently become confused because the terms are new and similar in scope. All three are awesome tools for a marketing arsenal. These twelve facts will assist users to distinguish the difference between the terms geo-fencing, geotargeting, and beaconing.   

  1. Geo-targeting allows a business to deliver a specialized message via a smartphone to a potential customer based on geographical location.
  2. Geo-targeting allows a business to direct promotional advertisements towards an interested audience.
  3. There are many tools available for geotargeting, including global positioning systems, customer registration, IP targeting, location as a service solutions, proximity networks, and Wi-Fi triangulation. Pricing may vary among the geotargeting tools.
  4. Geo-fencing is a tool utilized by businesses to set up geographical boundaries by means of radio frequency identification or a global positioning system.
  5. AdLeads, Moasis, Yowza, and ValuText are just a few of the mobile marketing platforms that are available to deliver geo-fencing messages.
  6. In geo-fencing, the business may deliver a promotional message via smartphone to a potential customer that crosses the predetermined geographical boundary.
  7. The business may determine the optimal time for the message to be delivered, such as just before lunch or 5:00 p.m. to attract diners with geo-fencing.
  8. Beaconing is a marketing term referring to the ability of a retail marketing store to send a message to a specified smartphone as the individual enters the store.
  9. The beaconing data is sent via a Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter.
  10. There are beacon devices that may be plugged into the USB port of a laptop, mobile device or tablet. 
  11. The smartphone user must download an app from the retail store to receive communications from the beacon.
  12. Beacons may be operated by event organizers to relate event information to attendees at a relatively low cost. 

(Photo is courtesy of  Beacons by JNXYZ Education as uploaded by Jonathan Nalder at Flickr’s Creative Commons.)

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