12 Strategizing Tips to Break the Cycle of Website Pogosticking

Pogo sticking is a term coined by Google to describe a user clicking on a number of search results before the individual is content with the information. The pogo sticking behavior from potential consumers is due to instantaneous disappointment in the search results. The act of pogo sticking occurs within the first five seconds after clicking on a search result. Google will penalize websites for too many pogo sticking occurrences by lowering the rankings for the website in Google’s search engine. Just as chess requires strategy to win, the cycle of pogo sticking may be halted with the correct strategy. Utilize these twelve strategizing tips to break the cycle of pogo sticking and raise the search rankings for a website.

  1. An overabundance of pop-up windows may discourage visitors from lingering on a site.
  2. Articles should emphasize quality content.
  3. Content on website page should be consistent with meta tag description.
  4. Content on a landing page should correlate with key search words.
  5. Do not over utilize keywords in articles or on a web page.
  6. A landing page should contain updated information and trending topics.
  7. Optimally designed landing pages equate with improved satisfaction rates.
  8. Proofread articles for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  9. Understand the entertainment and informational needs of the audience for a particular site.
  10. User-friendly content located above the fold enhances the possibility of a user remaining on the site.
  11. Website design should be cross-platform friendly.
  12. Web sites should load in two to three seconds.

Conclusion: Google will lower search rankings for a site with numerous searches that result in pogosticking by the user. An optimally designed user and cross-platform-friendly landing page that satisfies search requirements, loads quickly, includes minimal pop-up ads, lacks grammar and spelling mistakes, contains key search words and is consistent with meta tag descriptions will break the pogosticking cycle. Optimized search engine rankings increase site visits by potential consumers.


(Photo is courtesy of Chess with Champagne as downloaded by Tristan Martin at Flickr’s Creative Commons.)

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