3 Cookieless Retargeting Tools for an Automotive Tire Shop

Cookies are small pieces of information in text format that provide valuable capabilities on the web. Cookies enable a site to track a customer’s purchases, ad clicks, pages read and other information. The site may utilize the information to supply potential customers that have previously shown an interest in automotive tires with product or store information. This process is known as retargeting. Internet consumers complain that cookies result in computer devices running slow. Automotive tire shops may purchase tools from mega internet companies that allow cross-site profiling for a cookieless retargeting campaign. Information concerning sales, particular tire brands or the store may be made available for a wider array of potential customers. These three cookieless retargeting tools are especially beneficial for an automotive tire shop.

  1. Adzerk:  Adzerk is an excellent lesser known cookieless retargeting database. Adzerk provides a suite of tools to enable an automotive tire shop to capture maximum benefit from advertising dollars. This marketing tool rotates advertisements in a timely fashion to attract the interest of a potential tire customer. The advertisements move with the customer as he/she switches from a PC to a mobile device. Advertisements reach valuable prospects based on previous ad clicks. Adzerk offers an opt-out feature for internet users for privacy concerns.
  2. Audience Network by Facebook:  Audience Network drives results for automotive tire shops by utilizing relevant information to retarget core audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences. In conjunction with a mobile measurement partner, the shop may measure online conversion rates, demographics and internet product/shop engagement to track cookieless retargeting results. A benefit of Audience Network is that the system provides the functions of delivery and optimization for the shop. Audience Network supplies the shop with the choice of three types of advertisements, including banner, interstitial and native.
  3. iAd by Apple:  The iAd tool respects the privacy of consumers. Web browsing experiences is never utilized to send retargeted advertisements. A range of criteria including app type preferences, contextual placement, demographics, and location are utilized to match tire product or shop marketing messages with potential customers. Apple’s cookieless retargeting tool is a cross-platform tool allowing an automotive repair shop to send retargeting advertisements to potential customers even when the individual switches devices, for example from a laptop to a smartphone. A major benefit of the iAd cookieless retargeting tool is that an automotive repair shop is offered flexibility to select the ad format, audience and price range best suited for the shop.

Conclusion:  An automotive tire shop may benefit from a cookieless retargeting campaign. Internet advertisements targeted at potential consumers that have previously displayed an interest in tires is wisely invested marketing funds. Adzerk, Audience Network by Facebook, and iAd by Apple are three advantageous tools for an automotive tire shop’s marketing campaign.


*Photo courtesy of Tire Rack by Max at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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