3 Security Tips to Mitigate the Risks With Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is not a new concept; it has rather become a trend nowadays. Cloud computing comes with a number of benefits but it also comes with some security risks which should be handled carefully. So in this article, I am going to discuss some simple tips which will help you mitigate security risk with cloud computing.

  1. Limit user access: Make sure that you limit your user access. Limiting the access doesn’t mean that nobody should use it. But one should understand the level of security required for sensitive data and should enable access accordingly. This will help the system and reduce the risk involved in data theft. Allowing access to remote systems and mobile devices can be harmful, so the user access should be controlled and limited to only those who require it.
  2. Undertake strict policies: When creating cloud policies one must consider all the security risks. Devices are connected throughout the world, hence the security becomes important. It is extremely important that you monitor all the activities which are carried out and then create policies for the cloud. If you already have certain security policies you don’t need to change the policies, just update security polices according to the usage of the company. This will help you to reduce the security risk.
  3. Use extra security: One must use extra security for sensitive data. Many companies have the system of connecting PCs, which is actually easy to work with. But the security risk increases if the systems are connected with each other. The system which contains sensitive data should be isolated. Time to time scanning should be carried on that system. Patch management software should be installed which will help you to reduce the security risk.

Companies are using cloud services and are concerned about the security so follow these simple tips to mitigate the risk.


Photograph Courtesy: Flickr.


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