3 Tools for Cross Platform, Cookieless Retargeting

Cross platform allows businesses to track an audience from a mobile device to a tablet or laptop or vice versa to increase consumer engagement. Internet cookies are files that a website transfers onto the hard disk of a potential customer to track the customer and store information concerning the internet user’s preferences. Cookies result in computers running slow and many internet users feel that cookies are an invasion of privacy. 

Retargeting is a marketing tactic that identifies a potential customer on one website and delivers an ad on the internet user’s mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other device, when the person is browsing on another website. The purpose of retargeting campaigns is to convert potential customers into buyers. In cookieless retargeting, data collected by a primary company from the company’s consumers is utilized to display ads to an audience with a demonstrated interest. The following three tools for cross platform, cookieless retargeting are excellent options.

  1. Audience Network by Facebook:  Audience Network is Facebook’s foundation stone for cookieless retargeting and cross platform advertising. A large percentage of internet users possess a Facebook account. Global advertisers are attracted to Audience Network due to the Facebook tool supporting localized content in each country. Audience Network has proven to increase revenues by targeting relevant advertising to internet users.
  2. Demandbase:  Chris Golec founded Demandbase in 2006 out of San Francisco. Demandbase is a marketing application which focuses on business to business advertising. The application links with the technologies of Google, Salesforce, Oracle and other partners to market online advertising campaigns to businesses. The application delivers targeted ads to other businesses via analytics and personalization methods. Demandbase identifies businesses via IP addresses in real-time without installing cookies. Targeted advertisements are delivered to key accounts regardless of current browsing location.
  3. iAd by Apple:  Apple’s advertising tool, iAd, utilizes audience retargeting and deeplinking features to re-engage audiences by aiming targeted messages to a potential consumer base. Apple's platform is predicted to capture a large percentage of the mobile ad market. The Apple ID allows tracking from iPhone to iPad or vice versa without the consumer being logged into a social network on both devices. Deeplinking features allow consumers to be directed to a specific product based on past browsing activity. 

*Photo courtesy of Sony RX1, A User Report by Justin Kern at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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