3D Printing - Simple Benefits

The latest buzz in the technology world is about 3D printing. Even though 3D printing has been there over a decade, its publicity has increased recently. Anyone who is new to 3D printing may have one or all of the following questions in mind.

"What is so special in this 3D printing method?

How does it differ from other manufacturing methods and why should we employ 3D printing?"

Let's try to get answers for these.

'Bottom to Top' approach

Unlike normal manufacturing methods, 3D printing follows a 'bottom to top' approach. It can be compared to the formation of sedimentary rocks. Minerals, sand grains etc. deposit on the land and build up as layers. As time passes on, these layers are pressured so much by the layers above, as a result of which sedimentary rocks are formed. Similarly a 3D printer builds things by creating successive layers of the object with the help of a computer. Hence it is also known as additive manufacturing.

Precise measurements and any shape

The user can design the object precisely in the computer and this data is fed to the 3D printer. The printer can builds (or prints) the object from this dat. Thus the user can get any shape within his/her designing and imagination domain.

The wastes generated during traditional manufacturing operations like cutting and melting can be eliminated by using this method.

No large machinery and space

Imagine you want to have a plastic bottle. With a 3D printer you can design and print your own. 3D printing avoids the use of large machinery for manufacturing and the large space/factories required for accommodating them.

Homemade – your design, your place

You are the designer of your product. With 3D printers at home, printing objects with complicated design is not a difficult job. You can get your product in no time.


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