4 Benefits of Facial Recognition Software for Retail Establishments

Facial recognition software is currently making the headlines. Concerned citizen advocacy groups believe that the software is an invasion of privacy and crosses lines of civil liberties. Many retail establishments have discovered facial recognition software to be beneficial in four ways.

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction for Online Retail Establishments: Emotient claims to have developed new facial recognition software that can recognize facial expression and determine the emotions of an online customer. When dealing with an angry customer, online retail establishments are at a disadvantage to traditional brick and mortar retail stores. In the past, online companies have only been able to read comments from disgruntled customers to determine how best to handle an unpleasant situation. The new software provides an online store with similar advantages to traditional establishments for providing customer satisfaction.
  2. Reduce Product Loss: Facial recognition software can reduce product loss for all retail establishments. The software may identify known shoplifters at the door. Associates are able to quickly notify security to escort known shoplifters off the premises. Product loss is often due to in-store and warehouse employee theft. Employees are less likely to steal inventory with the software in place. The facial recognition software may aid in the prosecution of shoplifters and employee theft.
  3. Protect Employees and Customers: Business owners may provide a higher level of security for employees and customers by installing facial recognition software in addition to current security measures. The software may be utilized to identify unauthorized persons in restricted areas of the store or warehouse. Facial identification should prove useful in hostage situations. Law enforcement officials find it beneficial to identify leaders during a hostage takeover.
  4. Improve Data Security: Data breaches are at an all time high around the world. Retail customers voice concern over breaches in security by hackers daily. Target and other retail establishments have experienced data breaches. Hackers and identity thieves are constantly attempting to steal important information such as credit card account numbers, social security numbers, and addresses. Facial recognition may be used as a security log-in feature to prevent unauthorized access to confidential customer data.


*Photo courtesy of Facial Login as Password Using Laptop Camera by Intel Free Press at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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