4 Customer Referral Considerations to Keep in Mind

Customer referral programmes can transform a struggling enterprise into a successful one. All one needs is to do is cleverly follow the tactics and adapt to the ever-changing environment. In this article, I am going to share some important things one needs to keep in mind before implementing a customer referral programme.

Timing is key: Don’t ask a customer who has just purchased your product or just signed up for your service to immediately refer it to their friends and family. Instead, wait for a bit, let them experience your product and services and form a positive opinion. Let your customers understand what benefits they have experienced. When they are in a comfortable zone, you can ask them to refer your product and services to other people. This act will be supported with the customer’s experience and positive word of mouth advertisement as well.

Give something valuable: Ensure to always offer something that is worth the customer’s time. It can be a discount or free sample; whatever fits your plan and budget. A customer won’t be interested in referring the product to friends and family if there is nothing for him. Sometimes it’s great to give both the referrer and referee a little something, to make them feel special.

Don’t worry about the initial investment: Even though the referral discount or offer will be eating into the initial profits, you should concentrate on the big picture. The marketing benefit received through customer referrals is tremendous. If you plan your offers correctly you will have a larger database and clientele. In the long run, these offers will help you create a loyal client base that can help you sustain your business.

Always be thankful: Once you have received a referral, it is essential to thank the referrer. Thanking them will remind them of your product or service and they may be motivated to spread the news further with their friends and family. It’s always a good way to extend the relationship by way of thanking your customers.



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