4 Mistakes Cloud Communications Providers Should Avoid

The cloud communications market is achieving progress. This market includes everything from unified communications based on cloud to standard hosted and managed Voice over IP. Cloud communications sellers must be able to explain what makes their services better than other services offered by other kinds of cloud providers.

Cloud communications providers state that big enterprises and businesses are interested in cloud communications but they are also very careful about it. They are not sure whether it is a good idea to upgrade current voice and data services if they work perfectly fine. And this new upgrade level is radically different and new.

Cloud communications providers understand that the competition in the market is enormous and they are in dilemma. Their technology can improve communications for many businesses. They are able to reduce capital expenses, improve communications tools and enhance employee efficiency. But somehow, providers cannot get through to people who need them. Why?

Since cloud communications are well in-demand, lack of interest is obviously not the reason for this issue, but let’s take a look at cloud communications providers and their ways of selling services. The foundation for any business is a solid sales approach. However, even cloud communications providers fall into traps that are hidden in this foundation pattern. The question is: How to make enterprises change their mind and make them choose cloud over legacy telecommunications systems? Here are 4 mistakes that are very common among providers and ways to avoid them.

Tech talk

Cloud communications providers love talking about their technology and its features. However, there are times when businesses are not in a position to purchase anything new, especially during economic crisis. The key is to empathize with the customers and become their adviser. Sometimes this important thing is overlooked even though it is so simple and effective.

Customer concerns are important

Many businesses do not understand cloud communications and they have many concerns when it comes to finding the best solution for their business. Providers need to address these concerns instead of ignoring them. They need to be able to provide answers that will make costumers comprehend the features of new tech.

Cloud hype

It’s hard to get the attention of a customer by simply mentioning a cloud-based telecommunications system. When it comes to cloud storage, the companies are embracing cloud services but they are still learning about cloud communications. For this reason, cloud communications providers and their sales teams need to explain why their services are so special. They need to go further than providers of other cloud-based technologies. They need to emphasize the fact they're cost-effective, efficient and flexible. They need to convince customers that they know how to improve communications and minimize IT expenditures at the same time.

Emphasizing the advantages of cloud hosting

Cloud communications providers usually avoid discussing addressing the rent-vs.-own model. Instead, they will explain all other advantages of their services. In addition, they will mention the fee structure at the end, but it is the first things they should talk about. There is no reason to do that since it is easy to point out the cost-effectiveness of cloud communications services and ability to pay for exactly what they need.

These are some of the most common mistakes providers make. However, building a sales strategy to address requirements and concerns of potential customers is the solution. This will enable providers to become more successful and land at the customer's door.


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