4 Strategies to Increase Sales Effectiveness

An effective sales team will boost the profit margin and overall revenue in a company. Clear goals and responsibilities are important to improve sales effectiveness. Communication, proper training, sales process and teamwork are all valuable tools in the sales arsenal. The following four strategies will increase sales effectiveness.

  • Customer Communication:  Customer communication should be a top priority. Less than half of sales and marketing communications are pertinent to customers. The inability to communicate a significantly important message to the customer will affect the profit and loss margin. Each communication should contain information valuable to a particular customer. A missed communication may result in loss revenue.
  • Establish a Sales Process:  The team manager should assess the sales process and marketing strategies to determine whether certain processes work nicely or are failing. These processes should be analyzed to determine the best methods. All sales and marketing team members should be included in the decisions. Each sales person should receive training on qualifying leads. Each member of the sales team should be equipped with proper technology and other information necessary to complete a transaction.
  • Marketing and Sales Must Work Together:  The marketing team and sales team must work together for peak revenue potential. An equal partnership is the best approach for the two teams. The marketing team focuses on analyzing and strategies. The sales team focuses on personal sales and tactics. Marketing can assist the sales team with identifying the target market. The sales team and marketing team must coordinate communication and efforts. The teams should react in a complementary and not combative manner. A manager is required to organize and direct both teams for maximum output.
  • Well Trained Employees:  The sales team, colleagues and other staff should receive training on products, services and communication. Staff without proper knowledge could potentially result in a customer canceling a large order after a member of the sales team has worked diligently to obtain the sale. A bad communication from an uninformed staff member may result in an unhappy customer.

*Photo courtesy of Business Woman by Christien Louviere at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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