4 Tips For Hiring New Virtual Team Members

Any virtual team should include employees who are trustworthy, self-motivated and possess the skills necessary to hit the ground running. These characteristics are valuable for any employee, but they’re even more crucial for an individual who is going to be working from a distance.

Interviewing virtual applicants in person is not always possible. Therefore, you have to find a way to be sure you’re choosing the best fit for the job. Here are the tips to consider when hiring remote workers.

Arrange Face-To-Face Contact

If meeting applicants in person is not possible, plan a video interview through some web-based video conference tool. You will have an opportunity to check whether an applicant is outgoing and has great customer service skills. In addition, if an applicant is not making eye contact or is not smiling, it is an indicator that you should think twice before making an offer.

Ask the Right Questions

Remote employment requires working independently and not everyone can adapt to this kind of working environment. An applicant may appear perfect for the job on paper but in order to check if he will be struggling in the environment of a virtual team, you need to ask behavioral questions. These questions will show behavioral traits like time management and self-direction. Here are some of behavioral questions you should include in an interview.

  • How do you stay organized?
  • How do you manage your time?
  • What keeps you motivated?
  • Are you well-suited to juggle multiple deadlines at once? Can you give an example?
  • Working on a project with little or no supervision can be a challenge. How would you keep yourself on such a task?

Evaluate Their Skills

Test your applicants by assigning them to complete a project. This should show their skills and abilities so you know what you can expect if an applicant started work tomorrow. You want to make sure that an applicant has stellar project management skills or other abilities and see that they can perform just as well under pressure.

Introduce Them to the Team

When you narrow down the applicant pool, it is helpful to get input from individuals with whom the applicant will have close working relationships.

You can ask applicants to prepare a short presentation on a topic of their choice and demonstrate it to other team members. This can be the final step of candidate selection. Team members have the opportunity to know applicants better by asking questions and engaging in a conversation with them. Another relevant factor to consider when hiring remote workers is seeing how a new candidate would fit into the company culture, and this is an ideal way to see that.

Hiring remote workers is not the same as a standard process for hiring candidates in person. The candidate you hire needs to be self-motivated to be practical in a virtual environment. He or she will need to have all the same qualities and abilities you would expect of someone who works alongside you in the office each day.


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