4 Tips to Increase Call Center Productivity

Many businesses utilize call centers to promote customer service, marketing promotions, sales, surveys and technical support. Call center employees, sometimes known as inbound customer care agents, interface with customers and clients via telecommunications. The call center employee is often the first impression a customer or client has of a business. Businesses may apply the following four tips to increase call center productivity.

  1. Audit Calls for Quality Control Purposes: Agents may be evaluated on an individual basis to determine if a call was delayed, mishandled or processed incorrectly. Management may also determine if the problem was a result of a lack of knowledge by the call center agent. An audit may assist management to determine if during peak traffic periods, such as the Christmas season, require outsourcing some of the call center load.
  2. Call Routing and Website Based Options: Businesses may assure calls are properly routed by streamlining the automated inbound routing process. The website address should be included in the automated answering system so customers or clients may engage self service options such as scheduling appointments, ordering and other duties. Self service options may reduce the call center load and increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Proper Training: Call center agents should receive proper training to effectively handle inbound telecommunications. Management should evaluate call center agents periodically to determine if the agent has a thorough understanding of job functions and a grasp of the basic technical aspects of the job. Training will help to reduce errors and improve production.
  4. Up-to-Date Equipment: Equipment failure decreases the productivity of call centers. The latest call center equipment has automatic call distributors to route inbound calls to agents based on predetermined criteria. A predictive dialer may be utilized to place outbound calls on behalf of agents. Interactive voice response, productivity monitoring solutions, screen pop, recording solutions and real time reports are all available on the newest equipment to increase call center productivity.

*Photo courtesy of Smiling Call Center Representative by Samuimm at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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