5 Benefits for Selecting a Secure Endpoint Backup System

Endpoint backup allows a business to protect valuable data by automatically backing up files to a network storage device, USB drive or remote file server. A crashed computer no longer means loss of data. The IT department can easily replace the computer and files can be retrieved. Endpoint backup is a defense to combat cybercrime. A business may see five benefits by selecting a secure endpoint backup system.

  1. Compliance with Global Data Regulations: As a business expands globally, the ideal endpoint backup system will allow the IT department to set privacy requirements geographically. The endpoint backup system provides the business controls to comply with data regulations in various countries. The IT department can specify what data can be accessed at satellite offices around the globe.
  2. Data Security: Data security is probably the most important reason to select an endpoint backup system. Businesses cannot afford to lose valuable data. Cybercrimes are increasing at a phenomenal rate. An endpoint backup system allows the IT department to control access to business data.
  3. End User Friendly: Instant data access is often required when a computer crashes or a laptop is left at a satellite location. An end user friendly system will allow individuals to securely retrieve data without assistance from the IT department. This frees up the IT department for other duties.
  4. Legal and Inspection Request Compliance: The company’s legal department should have quick and easy access to records for legal requests. An endpoint backup system can save money in legal fees with a fast, efficient records retrieval process. An endpoint backup system is beneficial to businesses that must pass inspection by a regulating committee periodically. An endpoint backup system allows employees to effectively access necessary data requested by inspectors.
  5. Zero Performance Impact: The ideal endpoint backup system will have zero impact on the performance within the network. Automatic backup means that employees do not have to stop working to backup files. The endpoint backup system chosen should not result in a loss of production hours.

*Photo courtesy of Computer Security by Denise Foltran at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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