5 Benefits of a Quality Management System With ISO 9000 Certification

A Quality Management System with ISO 9000 certification assures that a business meets or exceeds a level of global standardization and practices. The certification includes formats, information, materials, products, procedures and quality management. Although various certification agencies exist, ISO 9000 standards were developed by the International Organization for Standardization. Businesses with ISO 9000 certification realize the following five benefits.

  1. Consistent, Repeatable Processes: New employees quickly adapt to the consistent, repeatable processes in place by the ISO 9000 Quality Management System. Less training time will be required for new employees. Employee turnover will result in less impact on production quotas.
  2. Continuous Improvement: ISO 9000 certification is based on a practice of continuous improvement. Audits play a major role with the ISO 9000 Quality Management System to measure various standards. Immediate corrective action is taken when errors are detected. Management has the ability to quickly institute solutions to negate problems and assure the same error is not repeated.
  3. Detects Obsolete or Inefficient Practices: The certification procedure for ISO 9000 detects obsolete practices. Defining procedures often uncovers inefficient operating methods. New procedures are identified to augment production and increase profit margins while maintaining or improving quality.
  4. Global Recognition: New technology is constantly expanding the global marketplace. Over 100 countries recognize ISO 9000 certification currently. Countries welcome companies with ISO 9000 certification. The ISO 9000 certification was developed by an international board and not restricted to the boundaries of one particular country. Companies with ISO 9000 certification market products globally with confidence.
  5. Repeat Business: Consumers are guaranteed a quality product manufactured by companies that are ISO 9000 certified. Happy customers correlate in repeat business and word of mouth advertising. Repeat business is associated with increased profits and market shares. Increased profit and market shares open cash flow providing new potential for future business growth.

*Photo courtesy of sumall.com.

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