5 Features to Look for While Opting for a New Mobile Browser

Here is a list of the basic features that you ought to consider before changing to any new browser in handheld devices like smartphones and tablets.

1. Desktop Mode

Most websites have more than one version i.e. a desktop version accompanied by a mobile version. The advantages of mobile versions are that they are comparatively easy to use and they load faster since they are designed for smartphone screens and navigation. But some mobile websites are incomplete. They do not contain all the features that a desktop version has. So a good mobile browser should have the option to switch between desktop and mobile versions.  Almost all popular browsers available in the smartphone market have this facility. 

2. Save as PDF

If you want to store a webpage for offline reading, this option comes to your aid. The save as PDF option helps you save the webpage as it is (better than saving as HTML).

3. Private Browsing

Private Browsing (or Incognito Browsing) is a mode of browsing in which the browser doesn’t keep any data of the webpages browsed or files downloaded during the mode. It means there is no trace of your browsing in your device, yet your ISP can still track you.

4. Data Saving

The Data Saving option is predominantly useful when you have limited data connectivity or suffer a slow network connection. Enabling the data saving option may limit the appearance of websites by blocking videos, images, etc. Some browsers also have a text-only option that can be used to load the webpages faster in situations where only textual information is needed and other media can be completely neglected.

5. Location Access Control

GPS and location trackers can be very useful. But in some cases, you don’t want your location to be tracked down by websites. So having a browser that lets you disable location access comes to the rescue.


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