5 Retargeting Tools that Deserve Consideration in Preparation for Cyber Monday

Black Friday is the largest shopping day of the year for traditional brick and mortar stores. Cyber Monday is the pinnacle day for online shopping and falls each year on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Online site owners are always concerned about sales and conversion rates, but generally concentrate sales efforts by offering tremendous online bargains for that day only. Retargeting strategies has proven to convert online clicks into purchases. The following five retargeting tools deserve consideration well in advance of Cyber Monday.

  1. AdRoll:  AdRoll is utilized across the globe in over 150 countries for retargeting campaigns. One of the main reasons businesses choose the AdRoll retargeting program for campaigns is for the company's technology capabilities and knowledgeable staff. AdRoll boasts a proprietary real time bidding algorithm to optimize retargeting efforts for businesses. Campaign analytics may be viewed from a convenient dashboard monitor.
  2. Audience Network:  Facebook rolled out Audience Network in 2014 with many technologically advanced features. Audience Network is Facebook’s marketing application. The tool boasts cookieless retargeting and cross-platform marketing. The application supports app engagement, app install and link ads. HarperCollins, Machine Zone, Walgreens and many other large corporations have selected Audience Network for their retargeting campaigns.
  3. Chango:  Chango is a relevant and timely advertising tool to consider for a marketing arsenal. The application utilizes intent behavioral and geographical data to optimize brand awareness, identify audience and re-engage website visitors with dynamic creative marketing capabilities. Clorox, Disney, Lego, Sprint and Toyota are just a few of the businesses that have turned to Chango for retargeting efforts.
  4. Criteo:  Criteo is a programmatic retargeting approach for proven conversion results. Conversion results are driven by immense consumer data, foretelling algorithms and advanced technology. Criteo provides marketers with easy to track cost-per-click analytics. The company provides retargeting efforts on a global scale and seamless cross-platform extension.
  5. eBay Enterprise:  Fetchback was purchased by eBay to assist businesses with digital marketing advertising campaigns. This retargeting tool is powered by the eBay Audience Platform. The eBay Enterprise tool retargets site visitors via display and mobile advertising. The company has an understanding of consumer behavior through first party commerce data. The platform engages prospective customers for a relevant shopping experience.

Conclusion:  Cyber Monday is fast approaching. Online companies with marketing strategies in place will benefit the most on Cyber Monday. A retargeting tool is a relevant online marketing tool for converting clicks into sales.

*Photo courtesy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Vanderelbe.de at Flickr’s Creative Commons.


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