Security Tips for Using a Public Accessible Computer

5 Security Tips for Using a Public Accessible Computer

There might be a time that you are on vacation or away from your computer and need to check your accounts. You have no other choice but to use a cyber café or other pubic accessible computer. Therefore, it is important that you understand what to avoid doing when on a public computer and what housekeeping you should do when you’re finished.

Browser Privacy Setting

Today, modern web browsers offer you a way to set a private browsing mode to protect you on public accessed computers in a cyber café, hotel, or computer lab. The privacy settings guarantee the user that nobody can view or have access to the web cache or history.

When browsing the Internet, make sure you close all your browser windows. This protects you from someone trying to hijack your session. The privacy settings erase your cookies, passwords, and web cache when you work.

Clean the Cache History

Even if you use private browsing setting it doesn’t guarantee that your temporary Internet files, passwords, or cookies have been deleted. Therefore, after using the Internet it is recommended that you clean your Internet history. Normally, the private browser setting shouldn’t leave behind any traces of your password, history, or cookies. This is an added precaution to protect your privacy.

Log out of all Web Sites 

After logging in with a username and password on any website, it is necessary to always log out. Most websites will log you out when there is no activity on the account. However, to be safe after accessing a website that requires you to enter your username and password, always log out when finished. 

Check Your Surroundings

When using a public access computer, it is necessary to check your surroundings. Look around you to see if anyone can watch you work. Furthermore, check for suspicious looking people watching you. Afterward, try to find a computer in the back that nobody can sit behind you and see what you enter. Many cyber criminals visit Internet café or places that offer public access computers. The criminal can “shoulder surf” and steal your credentials if you aren’t careful.

Log Off the Computer

When you’re finished using the computer, sign off. It is important to end all your sessions. Check to make sure you have cleared your history and web cache. Furthermore, double-check your websites to verify that you have logged off all of them. If you use multiple sessions, check to make sure all sessions are logged off. 

In Conclusion 

If you use a public access computer in a cyber café, hotel, airport, or computer lab it is necessary to follow these safety tips. Otherwise, you risk the chance of someone stealing your credentials, viewing your cache history, or using your accounts. Protect your identity when using the internet and always set the privacy settings before going online.


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