5 Sure-fire Ways to Extend the Life of Your iPhone

For the musically-inclined individual, going a day without music is like travelling a desert without water. Thanks to the brilliant minds over at Apple, they gave all music lovers a simple way to spend more time listening to the tunes that sing to their souls—the iPod.

Throughout the years, the tech giant developed their iPod line, from the Newton back in 1993 to the 2012 version of the iTouch. But just like any other gadgets you invest in, your iPod also needs love and care to keep it from just being a piece of metal you used before and is now stored away in the deep recesses of your room.

Today, we discuss simple tips to keep your iPod in top-notch shape, not only aesthetically but also internally. Here are some tips to help retain your gadget’s features and prolong its lifespan:

1. Buy A Case For It

Invest in casings to protect your device’s hardware. Cushioned cases, such as soft-gel and silicon cases, protect your gadget in the event that you accidentally drop them. Hard cases, on the other hand, keep moisture away from ruining your gadget. Remember that damage from accidental drops is one of the primary causes of iPod deterioration.

2. Do Not Consider Over-Charging

Always remember to unplug your device from anywhere that you tether it to. Picture this: You thought of charging your iPod in your friend’s computer, while you go out and run your errands. However, as you came back, you forgot that your device is charging and your friend accidentally updated your iPod in his iTunes. If you haven’t made a backup, you can say goodbye to all your files. Needless to say, forgetting to unplug your device, for whatever reason, can lead to the accidental deletion of your iPod’s content.

3. Connecting Your iPhone To Anything

Take care of the docks and connectors. Make sure that when you are connecting something in any of the open ports, attach and detach them carefully. Damaging the ports and/or connectors may result to loss or poor audio and video results.

4. Keep Away From Water

Keep your device away from water sources. Severe water damage equates to a non-functioning piece of equipment. And take note: Apple’s warranty does not cover this kind of damage.

5. Download And Try Useful Apps

Make good use of security apps. More than the gaming and other entertainment apps, you can also leave room to install useful apps especially those that can help you locate your iPod if you lose it or if it is stolen from you. This is for security measures as well as practicality measures.

These are just some of the simplest ways to keep your iPod functioning as it should. Think if your gadget as a form of investment. And as any investor would tell you, you need to constantly look after that which you have invested in.

Do you have more tips on how to prolong the life of your iPod? Share it with your fellow readers!

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