5 Tips to Consider When You Redesign a Logo

A logo represents the identity of your brand. It is the first impression presented to customers, so it should naturally be impressive. At times, there comes a point where you need to redesign your logo. Redesigning a logo is a tedious job because you need to keep many things in mind; the name of the company, the previous logo, the customers, the services and so on.  So when you have to redesign a logo there are some points that need to be considered. Here’s the list of those points, which should definitely be considered when you redesign a logo.

ABOUT THE COMPANY:  When you redesign a logo you need to keep some things in mind, like what does the company cater to and what are the products of the company. You must think like the customers. Describe your company in a single word, or try and connect your company with some graphic, this will help you to come up with a good design.

SIMPLICITY: When you come up with an idea for your logo, try some explorations and make sure that your design is simple. Your design should resemble the company’s identity, but it should be simple as well. The design should speak for itself. Complicated logos can be difficult to remember. So make sure to keep it simple.

EVALUATE THE DETAILS: You should evaluate the details of the previous logo and the new design. The logo should not be completely changed, for instance, the customers should be able to still recognize the new logo. Make sure that the theme of the logo is similar to the previous logo.

THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE: Make sure that the design which you create is timeless. It shouldn’t be like you have to change the logo within 5 to 7 years again. Create a remarkable design which attracts the customers now and in the future as well. Don’t go for trendy designs which look good for some time but get boring in the future.

Redesigning a logo can be difficult but not impossible. When you redesign a logo, take these tips into consideration.



Photograph courtesy: Flickr.


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