5 Tips for Reducing Call Center Representative Turnover

Call center representatives maintain loyalty with customers by building trust, developing relationships, increasing sales and resolving problems quickly. Customers appreciate knowledgeable, friendly staff and hearing the same voice on the call center phone line each time. Customers are pleased with call center representative retention and the company realizes a reduction in training expenses. The following five tips will assist management to reduce call center representative turnover.

  1. Empower Call Center Representatives:  Call center representatives should be included in the decision making process. Open channels of communication allow ideas to be shared. Empowered representatives maintain a vested interest in the company.
  2. Hire Quality Applicants:  An important tip for improving call center retention is hiring quality applicants. Applicants with the potential to be promoted within the company have an increased incentive for staying. Applicants should be able to perform required tasks, communicate effectively, possess a friendly personality, be outcome driven and team oriented. Experience and self motivation should also be considered.
  3. Implement a Tracking System in the Department:  Implementing a tracking system allows each representative to measure his/her own performance. Resolving customer issues and developing customer relationships are as important as quantity of phone calls when implementing a tracking system. Quality should never be secondary to quantity. Representatives should be recognized and rewarded for meeting performance objectives.
  4. Provide Adequate Training:  Call center representatives should be well trained. A knowledgeable call center representative is better equipped to resolve customer complaints and trouble shoot potential problems. A positive workplace environment has been shown to correlate with adequately trained employees. A frustrated representative results in missed sales and customer attrition.
  5. Supply Necessary Tools:  Equipment and software should be upgraded as needed. Management should ensure that representatives have the tools required to complete assigned tasks. Representatives with insufficient equipment become quickly discouraged.

*Photo courtesy of Customer Service Hero by Leprive Concierge at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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