5 Tips To Protect Your Data On Your Smart Phone

 Smartphones have been trending in the market because of the range of versatility they offer. Almost every activity which one carries out on their laptop and or personal computer systems can be done on their Smartphone. Right from social networking to downloading music and movies, paying bills, booking tickets, using the latest applications and much more. These things being said, in today’s world of internet and technology we need to pay attention towards our security. Hacking and cybercrime have become rather frequent events nowadays. In this article, I plan to share some essential and simple tips which can help smart phone users save their data whilst on the internet.

LOCK YOUR APPLICATIONS: Today there are a million of applications which are available for us on the app store. And we download a lot of applications which we use regularly use in our day to day lives. We should always lock our applications so that even if an unknown person handles our phone, our important data and information will remain safe. Basically you should lock those applications which are extremely important. Don’t lock all the applications, as this may tend to reduce the performance of your device. Lock and safeguard the most important ones.

USE ANTIVIRUS FOR YOUR DEVICE: With the increasing rate of hacking and cyber crime going around the world you need to install a security application. This will make your job easier. A security application will protect your device from harmful malware, Trojans, worms etc. which are commonly being used by the hackers. They have the ability to steal and lead to data loss. So search for the most suitable antivirus on the app store and install it.

DO NOT SAVE YOUR PASSWORDS: We use many accounts for various websites and many of us have a habit of saving passwords in our device which is actually not that good for the security of our devices. One should avoid saving passwords on their devices, especially if they are dealing with banking organizations or confidential data has been saved on the device.

REMOTE WIPE SETTINGS: If at all your device has been stolen and you have important data and private information on your device then it becomes a great problem but android has given a remote wipe feature for their users which makes it rather easy for the owner of the device to wipe out the information remotely so that at least the information cannot be misused by others. There are many applications on the app store which are free and easy to use. One just has to sign up and their account will be ready to use.

BACKUP: Lastly I would like to mention that taking a backup of your important data is advisable. If your device gets infected with malware or any kind of malicious file or application, then in that case all the data on your phone also gets infected. So it would be better to make a backup of your data. If nothing then at least the backup could be restored and could be used in the same device after formatting it or it could also be used in a new device.

So here you go follow these simple tips to secure your data on your smart phone. Hope this article was helpful!


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