5 Trends to Mainstream Your Call Center Techs

Today, customers demand more from a business and that is why the company’s customer service policies have always been a competitive battleground. Employees who work in a business call center are always on the lookout to find new methods that will create a more effective customer experience.

As new technologies emerged through different channels this year, so did the opportunity for call center operators. This year there were five brand new tech trends that came into play that have driven changes in the way call centers operate.

1. Customer Mobile Care 

Today, mobile technology has made it possible for business customers to exist on their mobile devices. Customers can now make online purchases, browse the Internet, interact with a call center, make reservations, and access businesses through self-service. The new mobile revolution relies on smartphones and tables and how customers interact with every business. With so many customers connected through modern technology, businesses had to embrace the new mobile customer. The new business trend has moved existing web applications to the mobile platform to better serve their customers. Furthermore, mobile apps are now transnational that allow customers to check their flight schedule or bank balance. The business call centers can now interact with mobile customers through voice and Internet. 

2. Migration to the Cloud

The new trend in call centers uses cloud-based applications that have replaced the outdated and outlived technology. Customer services reps can now chat with customers, engage in proactive customer contact, and receive critical customer feedback to improve their services. The new cloud-based customer service software has revolutionized the way call center interact with customers over the phone. The cloud service provides the business with a cheaper and more effective means of remote management, storing customer information, and a quicker response time. 

3. The Revolution of Social Media 

Today’s customers prefer to use social media as their primary method to contact a business. Therefore, more call centers now use social media as one of their primary means for responding to their customers. The social media platform provides the customer with a convenient way to find brands they are interested in and receive real-time responses to their questions from a customer service rep. Facebook and Twitter have become the first-contact channel for many customers, which has lowered the inbound call volume companies receive. Furthermore, social media has helped call centers to measure their customer’s responses and provide their customers with real-time information. 

4. Call-Backs Have Become Automatic

For many years call-back technology was not receiving a wide acceptance in businesses. But today's call-back technology is finally being accepted and used by businesses. The call-back technology now gives customers their time back without sitting on hold for hours. Before, call centers received numerous complaints from customers about the extended period of time they sat on hold waiting to speak to a representative. The call centers new auto call-back allows customers to type in their phone number, rather than sitting on hold. When it is their turn to be helped the auto call-back dials the customer’s number. The new auto call-back technology has helped businesses and call centers better serve their clients and has enhanced the company’s customer support.

5. Customer Support Video 

This year IKEA, Verizon and other large brand name companies have incorporated video support in their call centers. The new technology allows customer service reps to better service their customers and enhance their customer service experience. With video technology a customer service rep can now be seen by their customers. Plus the new technology uses videos in customer service applications. When a customer calls in for assistance, the customer service rep can mount a video showing the customer how to troubleshoot their problem or use their new product.

The new technologies adopted by call centers this year will change the way agents handle calls and interact with customers. The new revolution is changing call centers and helping the business measure new success. Business will now have a profound effect on their customers and their customer’s experience.

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