6 Benefits of a Cross Platform Cookieless Retargeting Campaign

Businesses must advertise to thrive in a constantly changing market. Consistent advertising assists a business to realize its’ full potential and stay ahead of the competition. The marketing campaign will enable a business to maintain current customer loyalty, gain new customers and strengthen the company’s identity. Cross platform and cookieless retargeting are beneficial to add to a business’s marketing arsenal for these six reasons. 

  1. No Third Party Cookies:  Third party cookies are purposely blocked by some browsers by default. Corporate giants have the ability to identify potential consumers for a particular business due to large amounts of stored data. This ability negates the need for third party cookies. 
  2. Engage Potential Consumers:  Cross platform marketing strategies engage potential consumers when the individual moves from a laptop in the office, to a Smartphone in the car or a tablet at home. Consistency across multiple platforms is the secret of success for this online tool. The same content-rich message is sent to the user on each platform.
  3. Maintain Consumer Loyalty:  Consumers become agitated with cookies that slow laptops and other electronic devices. The majority of internet users must run a scan to delete cookies once a week for maintenance. What happens to customer loyalty when customers become agitated? Cookieless retargeting maintains consumer recognition without disconnecting from a potential audience in an unfavorable manner.
  4. Growing Concern for Privacy Issues:  Internet users are concerned about privacy issues. Consumers feel invaded by business’s online stalking practices. According to a privacy study conducted by University of California, Berkeley, 60% of the persons surveyed wish the government would pass a law against online tracking. Businesses with a cookieless retargeting campaign are prepared for future legal issues. 
  5. Emphasize Brand Identity:  In a cookieless retargeting campaign, the brand identity is emphasized in the mind of the potential consumer. A cookieless retargeting campaign appeals to potential consumers on other online sites. The consumer has previously shown an interest in a particular service or product the company offers. Cross platform tools assure the brand identity is reinforced on multiple devices.
  6. Increase Customer Conversion:  Businesses stand a greater probability of converting potential consumers that have shown a substantial interest in a product or service previously to a customer. In a research study, conducted by See-Why, “72% of those who buy will do so in the first 12 hours after first leaving the site.” A cross platform cookieless retargeting campaign addresses the issue. The advertisement is seen when the individual leaves the site or changes devices. 

*Photo courtesy of Tablet Use 2 by Ebayink at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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