6 Excellent Mobile Apps for Health Care Professionals

Mobile devices are often utilized in clinical settings and hospitals. Health care professionals find that laptops, I-pads, and smart phones are easy to carry from exam room to office and from the clinic to the hospital. Mobile apps are available for scheduling, updating medical record files, issuing prescriptions, monitoring patients, consulting with other physicians and other tasks. The following seven medical mobile apps are sure to prove useful to health care professionals.

  1. AHRQ ePSS: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services developed this application to assist health care professionals to make the best course of action based on patient data. The department considered costs, patient characteristics, quality of health care, patient safety and outcomes during the development stages. Primary care clinicians may view recommendations by the U.S. Preventive Task Force.
  2. Medscape: Excellent news source for health care professionals in over 30 fields. Articles containing medical information on the latest innovations and research are found on Medscape. Medscape is an excellent tool for the health care professional.
  3. Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials: Micromedex contains vital pharmaceutical information, drug interaction checker and dosage instructions. Micromedex is the industry’s most trusted information source. The application is under constant review for accuracy and updates. The drug interaction checker has been tested with over 50 drugs. The information contained in Micromedex is compiled from medical association guidelines, medical journals, package inserts and regulatory agencies.
  4. NueMD: NueMD is an innovative scheduling tool that allows office staff to schedule appointments; however, health care professionals may pull the application up on a mobile device to review the schedule. Physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners and others utilize the application to balance clinical time with hospital time. Scheduling is simple and organized with just a point of the mouse and a click.
  5. Skeletal System Pro III: Web Health Awards issued a silver award in Mobile Applications: Patient Communication division to the Skeletal System Pro in 2012. This application is often utilized for explaining patient injuries. The application was developed by 3D4Medical for professional reference, patient communication and as a student learning tool.
  6. Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab: Georgia Health Sciences University developed the Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab Application. The application is an excellent tool for patient and student education. The application demonstrates anatomical features of the upper respiratory system. Three-D spatial relationships are detailed on the laryngopharynx, nasopharynx and oropharynx.

*Photo courtesy of Health Care App by John Halsell at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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