6 Great Tools & Resources For Building a New Business

Business owners prosper because they believe in getting things done without stopping. For getting your things done, you will need little determination and motivation, but with that you will need the right tools and resources. It may successfully help you to establish your business and prosper in the future. The following tools and resources are ones that you will require when you want to launch your business:

1. Startup Stash:

Have you ever wished to have someone who would arrange and organize useful tools and software systems into one single page? Then you must definitely try Startup Stash, which is an extensive and well-organized directory with a variety of useful tools and software programs. It has various categories such as naming, market research, and analytics, which are organized in such a way that is easy to understand.

2. MailChimp or AWeber

Email Marketing is very important for a small business. So, you can choose either one from MailChimp and Aweber, as both are similar and have a large number of followers. It will help you to connect with your customers and prospects through emails. So choose the best one from the options and get started to enjoy its benefits.

3. Basecamp or Asana

These programs will serve your project management needs. These programs grant in-app storage and allow you to merge with supplementary providers such as Google Docs and Dropbox. They also possess notification features which update your team members on the status of different projects. You may find differences between the two programs, so try both the programs before introducing it to your staff members.

4. Google Analytics:

When you have a website and an online marketing campaign, then it becomes mandatory to use Google Analytics as it helps you to track their performance. It is a free tool that helps you to understand your audience’s behaviour and analyse your website and landing pages. If you get the opportunity to install it, then you will have the chance to utilize its additional features. These features will allow you to evaluate your website’s sales and conversion performance.

5. Seth Godin’s Startup School:

Seth Godin is renowned for his leadership qualities and his business and advertising acuity. He has created a 15-episode audio series in which he guides new entrepreneurs on how to launch and maintain their dream business. If you are operating a new startup, do not miss this free valuable trove of knowledge from one of the most prominent names in entrepreneurship.

6. Moz Learn:

In today’s era, business success does not depend on traditional outbound advertising. To develop a strong customer base, you have to focus on inbound marketing techniques. Blogging, social media marketing, and link building are few techniques that will help you to develop strong relationships with customers. This will motivate them to buy your products and share their positive experience with others. Moz Learn is one such tool, which helps you to create successful inbound marketing campaigns.

Thus, these tools and resources will help you to launch your new business. But a success in business does not depend on gathering information, but how you put this knowledge into action. Gathering loads of information will serve you no benefit until you try it out. Remember, you will learn the most from your experiences. 

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