6 Reasons to Say Yes to Native Advertising

Native advertising is a type of paid online advertisement that appears among editorial content and harmonizes with the form and function of the site. An example of native advertising would be an advertisement written to appear and coordinate as a search engine result. Native advertisements should blend with other content on the page. These advertisements may appear as an article on an editorial site. Businesses should say yes, to native advertising for these six reasons.

  1. Ad banners and pop-up advertisements may become annoying. The intent of advertising is to gain customers and promote products, not drive potential customers away. Advertisements that irritate consumers are a waste of advertising funds.
  2. Consumers often avoid advertisements. Many internet users see traditional digital advertisements as wallpaper and simply ignore the ads. Native advertisement coordinates with the form of the site and may pique the interest of the potential customer.
  3. Native advertisements are designed to provide a less disruptive advertising experience for internet users. The reader has already shown an interest in the subject of the page by clicking on the website. Readers find the native advertisement similar in content to the article being read.
  4. Mobile user rates are soaring and expected to reach 220 million users by the year 2018. Native advertisements have proven to obtain higher click rates among smartphone users compared to other types of advertisements. The advertising dollar is better spent on native advertisements when targeting mobile users.
  5. There are three types of native advertisements, including native display advertisements, social native advertisements and sponsored content. The home refinance ads that appear on many sites are examples of native display advertisements. An example of a social native advertisement is promoted tweets on Twitter. Sponsored content is written by the website instead of the advertiser. One or more types of native advertisements should be a perfect fit for a business.
  6. Website publishers desire to please the audience. Publishers evaluate the readership when deciding advertisement placement spots. Native advertisements are positioned in a location that is similar in form and function with the page.

*Photo courtesy of Yeah Yeah Yeah by Tim Snell at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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