6 Top Tips For Promoting Corporate Events

It is paramount in business to know how to generate the right type of publicity, and this is especially true of corporate events. Much of your success lies in discovering which areas you need to avoid and other areas that you need to focus on. Organizing business events can be an exhilarating project but at the same time nerve-racking and stressful. Event managers are all too aware of everything that can go wrong, and this is especially the case when they have the job of creating a stimulating and beneficial event and also have to generate the publicity for it.

Notwithstanding these possible pitfalls, with the right approach, attracting publicity for corporate events will be an easier job to manage.  The following tips are generally considered to be best practice in the creation of publicity:

  1. It is always advisable to work as a team and delegate the publicity-generating job to one of the team members. That way, if you are managing the team, you will not have to get involved in the footwork and can focus more on bringing the whole thing together.  Your responsibility is then as the decision-maker, making sure others get things done for you.
  2. It is also important that you choose the right person for the task of creating publicity, i.e.someone who has the best contacts with the media, i.e. newspapers, TV and radio stations, before the event starts. This should then ensure success in promoting the event as widely as possible.
  3. When you produce your newspaper advertisements and direct mailers, make sure your ads feature clear, concise copywriting which is not too wordy or flowery. A short, pithy message will create the best impact, and don’t even consider any thick information packs unless someone has specifically requested one of these. Your target audience will not want to waste time trying to figure out your message, so it is best to stick to something simple and direct.
  4. It sounds too obvious to state, but make sure you have a contact telephone number or email address in your publicity so that you can be contacted for further information. You would be surprised how many event managers overlook this.
  5. Make sure that your press releases are as up-to-date and relevant as possible, as you can be sure that none of your target audience will want to read outdated information.
  6. Honesty is the best policy! Accentuate the positive but stick to the plain truth when holding a press conference, or answering questions from the media - no hyperbole. Event promoters have a tendency to exaggerate, and consequently they then present an event which falls short of expectations.


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