6 Ways to Build Your Small Business Brand

Brand building is the way to inspire ongoing trust and loyalty in your industry. Branding helps the public see your logo and name and put you on the map. In an increasingly competitive market it is extremely important to have an effective strategy on how your brand is presented to the public. This can be a complex process and here are a few ideas to think about:

Define your brand and who you want to reach.

Do your homework. Know what the prospective customer needs, how they think and what their habits and desires are. Define what it is you want the public to see and the key message you want to communicate. Place your logo everywhere and remember that branding extends to every crevice of your business. Bring it into how you answer your phone, what your email signature is, how the company is represented by your employees and what you wear for sales presentations.

What about the internet?

Not having a web presence makes your company seem obsolete. It is better to start an internet presence as soon as possible. Even with just focusing on local sales at first your customer won't be able to find you if you aren't online. It's a way of advertising and showing the customer you are up-to-date and available for what they need you to be.

Public relations and customer service.

Once you have the customer on your site or in the door you will want them to enjoy their visit so they will want to return. It is important to make it easy to navigate your site, easy to get answers to questions, and get professional and respectable service. Be sure you do what you say you will and their experience will be one they will want to repeat.

Generate traffic with a outstanding marketing strategy.

You can influence the way in which the prospects see your company with a good marketing strategy. Blogging can be a great one since about 77% of Internet users read them. About 52% more purchasing decisions are made after reading them. Blogging increases visibility from search engines and also results in a higher ranking. Blogging about your experience and what you feel you are a expert in can establish credibility and make you an authority in your industry. Increasing user-engagement and giving you more opportunity to connect with your target audience. Be sure that content is always interesting and engaging. This can only mean more loyal and interested customers.

Bring print advertising and social media together to amp up your marketing.

Branding is not just for making your prospective customer choose you over the competition. It is to help make them see you as the only possible option to provide them with the best solution to their problem. Learning ways to merge both social media and printed ads and how to integrate these can bring you a lot of revenue that wouldn't other wise come your way.

As well as having a well designed and continually updated website you also need to be listed in business search engines. Tag your updates, blogs and posts with keywords so you will show up in search engines consistently. To improve this ranking use your social posts to link back to your website.

Be consistent and vigilant.

Make sure your design, logo and voice are consistent across the board. Find out where customers spend their offline time and advertise there. With teaser ads that don't give all the information you can lure them to your site to learn more. Always be watchful for new ways in which to do this. If you think of each contact with the public as a new opportunity to build your brand then you are well on your way.


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