7 Apps for the Business Traveler

Apps have become an important part of businesses and the way we work today. Companies now use different mobile apps to schedule meetings, post to their social media accounts, and collaborate with coworkers. Furthermore, apps can help us save time, receive information quickly, and finish projects faster. However, what happens when your job calls you away from the office? You’ll need a way to find a hotel, rent a car, and navigate the roads. That’s why it's so important to use business travel apps when away on business. Try some of these fantastic business travel apps the next time your job takes you away from home.

  1. Flight Aware: This is the perfect app to track your flight schedules. At times we all know it’s virtually impossible to make your connecting flight. Now you can easily find a new flight and make it to your meeting.
  2. Silvercar: The Silvercar app takes the hassle out of car rentals. When you’re in the air, rent a car and have it waiting at the airport.
  3. Last Minute Travel Deals: The app can find last-minute travel package, book your hotel or find cheap flights. You can search 15,000 cities worldwide to find over 150,000 hotels. 
  4. Amazon App: Have you ever arrived at your destination and found you failed to pack an important item you needed? This can easily be solved with the Amazon app. All you need to do is order your item and Amazon will have it delivered to your hotel.
  5. DUFL: Travel luggage-free to your next business meeting. With DUFL luxury travel service there’s no need to pack a suitcase again. The DUFL stores your clothes in your virtual vault. Select the items you need for your trip and DUFL will do the rest. They’ll pack your suitcase, deliver it to your hotel, pick up the suitcase and wash your clothes. This is the perfect service for the busy business person who doesn’t always have time to pack.
  6. Scannable by Evernote: When you travel it’s hard to keep track of all your receipts. That’s why the Scannable app is necessary. Just scan your receipts and store them on your Evernote account
  7. SPG Keyless: Stay at one of the SPG Keyless hotels and never worry about a room key again. The app opens your room from any ISO or Android device. Furthermore, if you arrive early the app notifies you when your room is ready.  

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