7 Methods for Utilizing Geotargeting for Customer Optimization on Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year for most retail stores. Black Friday falls the Friday after Thanksgiving. Special Black Friday only pricing drives consumers to downtown retailers, malls, and shopping outlets regardless of weather conditions. Geotargeting is an awesome tool for a retail store’s Black Friday marketing arsenal. These seven methods utilizing geotargeting are sure to increase Black Friday sales.

  1. Competition:  Retailer A has a waiting line backed out the door and lined up down the sidewalk with customers trying to purchase the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft X-Box One on Black Friday. Customers are tired of waiting in line, feeling cold, thirsty and apprehensive that Retailer A may run out of the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft X-Box One before he/she arrives at the cash register. A geotargeted advertisement is sent to the potential customer’s Smartphone advertising both the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft X-Box One for a lower price, plenty of stock and no waiting lines across the street at Retailer B.
  2. Directions:  Many consumers are traveling out of town for the Thanksgiving holidays. Please include directions to the closest store location for the potential customer. Time may be a factor and nobody wants to drive all over town searching for a store.
  3. Extended Shopping Hours:  A geotargeting message may be sent by a retailer to cell phones in designated neighborhoods to advertise special store hours for Black Friday. Family members tell other family members. Word of mouth spreads quickly that Retail Store A will be opening an hour earlier on Black Friday for early birds.
  4. Extras:  Retailer A may send a geotargeted advertisement offering free gift wrapping for in-store purchases. Potential customers love walking out of a store with purchases already nicely wrapped and ready for Christmas morning. On a cold Black Friday, Retailer B may send an advertisement offering free hot apple cider, coffee and donuts in the breakroom while supplies last. Husbands and shoppers with children enjoy the opportunity to escape the Black Friday shopping crowd.
  5. Free Christmas Ornaments: Retail Store A is offering free Christmas ornaments for the first 500 customers to enter the door. People like the word free. The word free draws a crowd. A geotargeted message may be sent to Smartphone users in the downtown perimeter, shopping complex or mall near Retail Store A. In addition to the free Christmas ornaments, customers will make additional purchases in the store. The fact that there are a limited number of ornaments, customers will place Retail Store A high on the list to visit first.
  6. Sales Messages: A geotargeted sales message may be sent while the family is still sitting around the Thanksgiving table. The message will be forwarded to other friends and discussed over the Thanksgiving meal.
  7. Store Maps: A map of the inside of the store marked with the location of anticipated large sale items will be very helpful for potential consumers and employees. The maps may be sent as a geotargeted message, thus less paper and better for the forests.

*Photo courtesy of Black Friday at Even Flow by Yingy Thingy Resident at Flickr's Creative Commons.

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