8 Questions Your Team Should Be Asking Your Customers.

Sales success depends on salesperson’s skill to ask well-structured questions and to listen and apprehend the answers. However, there are very few salespersons who possess both the abilities. Some can successfully ask appropriate questions but are unable to comprehend the answers accurately.

Questions offer salesperson supremacy and credibility. They assist the customers to reveal their complaints and issues regarding a product without any difficulty. The prime goal of questioning is to motivate the customers to do most of the talking as they can help you gain insight into your business.

Once the customers feel that their opinions and feedback are being heard, they can become your company’s advocate. As a result, they may bring you referrals and help you improve your business.

So, check out the following questions that you should ask your clients to promote faithfulness and open discussion.

1. How can I help you?

Most of the times, salespeople asks closed-ended questions, which provides them with little or no information. There are also times when the front-line staff begins discussing products or services, without understanding that the customer may not be interested in that particular product. They waste not only their time but also the customers by illustrating about an unwanted product. Eventually, the customer may get bored, and you may end up losing them. Instead, you can ask, “How can I help you?” Such a question will help you understand your customer's interest. Once you listen and apprehend your client’s queries, you can efficiently direct them from there.

2. How can we deliver you a better service?

You should ask for feedback from the customers as it will help you in improving your services. However, there are many salespersons, who waste time in asking indirect and misleading questions for feedback. A direct question prompts the customers to provide an honest reply. Moreover, asking customers for feedback demonstrates how much you value their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

3. What is your biggest issue?

You can ask your customers to name one of the prime issues with a product that they want to be solved. Within 50 customers, you will gain an understanding of how to improve your services and what you need to offer to your clients. Such a technique will help you discover various demerits of your products and service offerings, which will motivate you to take immediate actions to improve them.

4. What are you expecting to get out of our discussion today?

Such a question will help you to determine the particular needs of the customers. According to their needs, you can provide responses that convey that their voice is being heard. So, frame and ask open-ended questions, which helps you to gain insight into customer’s problems. As they talk, it is crucial to listen and understand them.

5. Why did you select us?

You can ask this question to a person who is already your customer. The main purpose of this question is to understand the reason the customer chooses your company. The price and quality of your product, user-friendly services, your business values and beliefs and a bad experience from the competitor are some of the reasons that encouraged a customer to choose your company. You will get to know the qualities of your product and help you to focus on adding more beneficial features to it.

6. Why now?

You need to ask this question to understand what motivated their customers to take such an action at this moment. Customers usually think a lot before making any decisions. So, you should know the reason that prompted them to delay their decision and what triggered their action. Such a simple question will help you understand the particular advantages that they are expecting from such a decision.

7. Do you mind taking a look at some of our ideas?

Directly asking your customers to review your ideas is the best way to yield impressive results. Clients usually find it flattering when they give them a chance to share their opinions or feedback. So, ask your customers to evaluate your ideas, and they may end up giving you clues and hints that you were incapable of thinking before.

8. On a scale 1-10, how likely are you to endorse us to a family member or an associate?

This simple question will determine your customer’s opinion of your company. If customers rate you 9 or 10, then there is extremely high chance that they will tell their friends about your product or services. If the customers rate you 7 or 8, then they will have a neutral response. If the rating is below six, then there is a high chance of them sharing a negative information for your brand. Such an assessment will help you to understand the position that your company holds, and will prompt you to take necessary actions.

Asking questions is a simple but effective way to learn about your product, company, and customers. You could predict and brainstorm on what your clients need, but if you want to seek accurate information, then ask your customers directly.

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