3 Advanced Retail Retargeting Techniques

When we talk about retargeting, we usually say it is a marketing solution for ecommerce. Let’s say you visit Shoedazzle, you check few pairs of shoes and you do not make a purchase. Next thing you see are shoe ads on every site you visit. The conclusion is: retargeting is associated with retail. Yet, many retailers somehow miss advanced retargeting techniques that increase conversions and increase site visits, such as Facebook Exchange, email and CRM retargeting.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and Facebook Exchange can be beneficial to retailers. Facebook Exchange (FBX) is a bidding platform on which advertisers can serve retargeted ads. Facebook ads enable you to get page likes, promote posts and target the right audience with your service.

According to a recent study, users who were first displayed a Facebook API ad followed by a Facebook Exchange ad resulted in about 90 percent more sales revenue in comparison to users targeted only via the Facebook Ads API or Facebook Exchange. The API is restricted to preferred partners but you will reach target audience in multiple places. You want your business brand to be at the top of both paid and organic search, and you want to make it visible through FBX and Facebook via ads. Modern customers want to do business with legitimate companies and want their purchase process to be as easy and simple as possible.

Email and CRM Retargeting

Including email and CRM retargeting into marketing strategy is a plan every retailer should follow. This kind of retargeting will allow retailers to use online display advertising to supplement their email marketing campaigns. This can be very helpful during sales and special offers, and it will help in bringing customers back to sites. Email retargeting should not be ignored, especially because 77% of people prefer to get promotional materials via email over other channels.

CRM retargeting is a contemporary retargeting technique used for serving ads to users with nothing but an email or mailing address. Retailers’ cookie pool can be expanded and customers can be reached regardless of purchase funnel stage. Let’s say you are a brick-and-mortar store. How can you enhance the influence of catalogs? You can serve display ads to your mailing list. You can use in-store purchase habits to present users the ads when they come online to browse. CRM retargeting will be effective with customers who haven’t visited your site recently.

In conclusion

You will boost brand awareness and ROI by combining traditional site retargeting with Facebook, email and CRM. These advanced techniques guarantee attracting new customers and re-engaging past audience.


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