Aligning Employees With Newer Technology

In this digital age, it is very rare that companies and businesses can keep operating without employing new technologies. Print solutions are replaced by more dynamic digital solutions. Customers are made more independent with touch screen kiosks. Even employees get their share of technologies with back-end solutions that are aimed to make processes easier and more convenient.

Yet, for all the glamor that these technologies seem to hold, it seems that little improvements are made inside businesses. Age-old processes and techniques are still being employed by staff in spite of the presence of these new technologies. The problem doesn’t lie in the availability of such technologies; it is how these technologies are integrated into the everyday processes at work. So how would business align their employees in using these new technologies?

Businesses usually invest in the right technologies for their businesses but fail to fully deploy these technologies. In order for the technologies and solutions to be fully maximized, businesses need to ensure the following:

  1. Investment for technologies does not stop at acquiring the said technologies. Proper training and monitoring measures need to be undertaken to ensure that the technologies aren’t wasted. Mere orientation of the products is not enough. The learning and integration of the technologies into the businesses’ system can extend to months and even years. 
  2. Invest in one technology at a time. When too many technologies are introduced at one time, there is a high possibility of overwhelming employees with too much information. The tendency is that these technologies would be rejected even before they are integrated into the system because their worth is not fully understood.
  3. Set a proper learning curve. When something new is introduced, it takes time to fully learn and embrace the technology. Businesses should allocate enough resources, which includes time, in properly deploying the said technology. 
  4. Lead by example. One of the most effective ways that businesses can fully integrate technologies is when the leaders, managers and supervisors are also intimate with the solutions. When employees see that their bosses are quick to take on the new technology available, they would endeavour more in using the technology themselves. 
  5. Set up a reward system. This technique worked well for many years and still works well up to this day. Employees and staff are constantly looking for rewards and achievements which can raise their status in the company. By setting up a rewards system for employees who are able to make the transition easily to incorporating the new solutions available into their work, others would endeavour to follow suit. 

The bottom line of the success of new technologies is how well they are integrated into the processes of the daily work and grind. Having the technologies ready and on hand is not enough. Employees must be urged to properly use and utilize them as well. For most companies, this is the most difficult part of introducing new technologies. Employees have to be motivated in order to accept and use the available technologies into their daily work. Without their participation, the investment would fall flat and no outward change would be felt.

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