Avoid These 5 Common A/B Testing Mistakes

Many companies use A/B testing to help them maximize profits and optimize their website. However, when a company decides to use A/B testing it must be approached with care. This avoids mistakes and unreliable results so your company doesn’t experience a loss of clientele or revenues. Therefore, it’s necessary that you avoid these 5 common mistakes when performing an A/B test on your website.  

  1. Testing the wrong object – Testing a subject that impacts or matters to your clients is important during an A/B test. Unfortunately, many companies make a common mistake and test different subjects that don’t matter to their clients. Therefore, before starting your A/B test conduct a survey. Ask your clients in advance about a particular object or element you want to test.
  2. Testing more than one object – Many companies make the same mistake over and over again. When they determine it’s necessary to do an A/B test they decide it’s time to redesign their landing page. Therefore, with all the changes it’s difficult to determine which object or element you’ve changed made the difference. Therefore, it’s pertinent that you only change one object or element at a time. Test each object or element separately to determine if it has made a change or not.
  3. Testing elements that don’t have an effect – Some companies don’t understand what objects or elements to test. Therefore, they believe that changing the color of a few buttons, or a few words on the page warrants an A/B test. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Therefore, you’ve wasted valuable time and resources to perform your A/B test. Before starting an A/B test determine which elements on your landing page will make a different impact on your results. 
  4. Running an A/B test at different times – If you’ve decided to run an A/B test it’s necessary to test the object side by side. This gives you a fair comparison and your results are accurate. Otherwise, if you run the two tests at different times your results are inaccurate and you can’t tell which test produced the results you were looking for.
  5. Not running an A/B test long enough – Some people believe that ending an A/B test early can supply them with the answers they need. However, if one test is showing amazing results and the other test isn’t showing the same result don’t stop the test. Continue to run the A/B test for the designated time frame. Only then will you have the correct answer you’re seeking.

Performing an A/B test can be beneficial to any company as long as the test is run correctly. Furthermore, A/B testing can boost your company’s revenues and optimize your digital marketing efforts. So next time you think it’s necessary to run an A/B test avoid these 5 common errors.



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