Beauty Sells: How Packaging Design Helps Sales

Few things today sell like beauty does. It's expected everywhere- from the covers of magazines to yogurt packages. Customers want to connect with brands on an emotional level, and you don’t want to leave their purchasing decisions to chance.

Every brand needs to express its core ideas and state its purpose for being on the market.  Product packaging can make a difference between your sales going through the roof and failing hard. The only way to survive is to keep an edge over the competition and summon beauty as your ally.

 A shortcut to happiness

If you think consumers pick products based on solid information and rationality, think again. Most people are guided by their whims and instincts, craving to fulfill their deepest desires. Colors and shapes are important here, not facts and figures- except for the price which is always in the spotlight.

When purchasing a certain product, what the customer wants is to buy a lifestyle, make a statement, and become something more than he was just a second ago. He craves to feel something when he sees and grabs that package. That is a crucial part of a consumer’s experience, and one that propels him to lay his trust in your brand again.

Nobody has a time and will to go through all advantages and disadvantages of certain products. Consumers will take a shortcut whenever possible, especially if there is an appealing sign suggesting such a course of action. Some say that you should try the pass the five-year-old test.  Send a five-year-old kid to the store and if it returns with your product in hand, you pretty much nailed it when comes to design.  

Your product must be able to draw attention, but don’t go overboard with it. Simple solutions are often the most effective ones because customers are fed up with all the visual aggressiveness on the market. Calm and clean packaging is a treat for their eyes and a much-welcome addition. Think about companies like Apple and their sleek minimalistic design.

 Trick or treat

There are many tricks to pull a good design off, and they involve a series of visual equities. You can use cusps - sharp pointy shapes that attract viewer’s attention. In combination with a well thought-out logo and the right color scheme, it could be your ticket to the elite business club.

Note that good packaging doesn’t have to be expensive, just chic and personalized. Also, bear in mind what the basic purpose of the package is. Your efforts won’t be worth a dime if it doesn’t protect the content and remain functional. It should also provide some information about the product, how to open or use it.

Check out what’s the best solution for commercial printing, and make an effort to save the money if your budget is limited. Try to go eco-friendly as well, for it can also be an important part of who you are and what you stand for. When a consumer can recycle or reuse your package, that’s a chance for him to further connect with your product. Making a lasting impression is the best way to create a loyal customer, and that’s the best customer there is.


Desires affect the consumer decision long before logic has a chance to step in.  Visually striking products seem to be stealing the show, and eye contact is a gateway to establishing an emotional connection. You want your product to stand out on the shelf between tens of other similar products.

Just remember that with all the visual noise on the market, simplicity is often the way to go. In the end, you must deliver your promise and hit the mark. Packaging can make or break a business, and your safest bet is to present the customers with something captivating and beautiful. 


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