Best Business Apps for iPhone

Today the iPhone is an indispensable accessory for any business professional. Business professionals use an array of apps to make their working lives easier. However, with all the apps on the market today it is hard to know what apps you should use. Therefore, business professionals need apps that can facilitate their to-do-lists, note taking, contact management, virtual assistance, and calendaring. What are the top business apps that professionals should use today? 

1. Scanner Pro:

The app allows you to make high quality scans of any document or image from your iPhone. You can scan paper documents, create PDF files to be emailed, print the document, and upload the document to your cloud service provider. The app has an automatic edge detection that gives you high quality scans. The editor allows you to manually crop the pages.

2. Invoice2go Plus: 

The app is designed to create invoices, credit memos, and purchase orders. Also, you can track your taxes, total invoices, and money owed to you. There are many templates to choose from and a PayPal button option for payments. The app allows you to manage and track all your invoices before sending them to your customers. Therefore, if you’re a freelancer or small business the app is perfect for tracking money owed, money received, and money paid. 

3. Gmail:

Gmail is still the most popular email app with user. The app gives you your inbox on your iPhone. With Google mail you can have 5 accounts that you can switch between and receive notifications from. There is a search function, Google Calendar integration, threaded conversations, attachments, organizational functions, and labeling. 

4. Dropbox:

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage option to store, share files, and documents between team members. Store your business photos, videos, documents, and important notes on your account. The app gives you the mobility to access and store your documents from anywhere. 

5. Adobe Reader: 

Adobe Reader is excellent for reading and editing your PDF files and documents. The reader allows you to view documents, manage documents, open files directly from emails, convert files, access password-protected files, annotate documents, and open web PDF files. This flexible reader is convenient and user-friendly. Furthermore, it gives you a friendly way to edit and view all your documents. 

6. Notability: 

Notability and the iPhone are the perfect combination for note taking. The app allows you to add illustrations and images to your notes. Therefore, your random thought can be more dynamic and visual to help you with your brainstorming thoughts. Furthermore, you can sync the app with your cloud service and use with other team members or share your notes on your social media accounts. 

7. Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault: 

Any businesses, professional knows how important it is to maintain security on their accounts and mobile devices. Your first priority is to keep your passwords private and safe. Keeper Password Manager encrypts the files on your phone, auto-fills your logins and passwords on the Internet. Furthermore, the app helps to generate strong passwords and searches through all your existing login details. 

8. iPlanner UK: 

In business, keeping track of your meeting and events is important. The iPlanner UK app will help you plan your work schedule, meetings, and personal errands. The planner makes sure you will never miss an important meeting or forget a deadline. The app has many options to help you customize your planning, colors, icons, and different ways to view your schedule. 

9. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop:

At times it is important to remotely access your PC and Splashtop gives you remote access to your workstation. With the app you can connect to your workstation and browse the Internet, stream videos, or access a document you forgot to download to your phone. Furthermore, the app can display PowerPoint documents, your desktop application, and Excel documents.


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