Body Language: Conveying the Right Message to your Customers

Body language, or nonverbal communication, is communication without spoken language. Body language represents an important type of communicating with other people, both in personal and professional life. When it comes to sales, experts state that body language represents 55% of the message you are conveying. This also means that the words you use and the tone your voice are not as important as you probably thought during the sale process. The message you convey is communicated by the way you use your body. The main reason for this is that people are visual and they are influenced by the primary message you communicate, which is the way you hold yourself. In sales, it is important to learn the relevance of body language and try to use it to get what you want. Keep reading and find out how.

A firm handshake

When you meet someone for the first time and they give you a firm and strong handshake, you measure their character by this first physical contact. The same thing goes for sales. When your handshake is strong and firm, your customers assume that you have a good personality and that you represent a trustworthy product/service. On the other hand, a weak handshake is often seen as cold and indifferent. The same goes for using fingers instead of a full handshake. This is an example of how important handshakes are as a part of the body language, especially when you aim to make a good first impression.

A sophisticated walk

When you walk, it is necessary that you hold your body erect. Try to straighten your spine and your shoulders. Remember to raise your chin and walk with confidence. And when you move, you should move as if you are busy and you have many things to do. Your body should speak for you and say that you are an active and confident individual who is positive, self-assured and effective.

Sitting up straight

Why is it essential to face your customers directly and not lean against your chair when sitting? This is because you will look like you do not care if you don’t sit with your back erect. You have to be fully engaged and aware of your surroundings so that your customer becomes more interested and pay closer attention to you. You also should lean slightly forward during the sales conversation so that our customer believes you have something important to say.

Crossed legs and folded arms

When meeting with a customer in person, you have to show them that your mind is open and you can do this using body language. Always keep your arms unfolded and never cross your legs, not even at the ankle. You will not make a sale with this body language because it usually means that you are holding something back or that you do not care about your customers and their needs.

In conclusion

Positive body language like a firm handshake, walking with confidence, sitting erect, leaning forward and keeping your arms unfolded and your legs uncrossed is an effective way to connect with your customers and show them you are attentive. They will soon engage in the same nonverbal communication as well. Use your body language to sell.

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