CRM Software; Big Break for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities can now relax because the introduction of the CRM software has been proven to help in recruiting and retaining students. This is a big break for institutions because it elevates the schools’ marketing skills as well.

Campus Management’s, Talisma CRM solution allows the increased organization across policies and processes. The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) solution helps in following up on students after they have graduated by helping in strengthening alumni relationships.

The University of Alabama and Arizona State University started using the Talisma CRM software. So far, they have highly improved in terms of abilities to recruit and retain their students.

Reaching constituents has been more effective and more efficient for the schools as well. This is because the Talisma CRM works automatically in communicating with current students, prospective students and the alumni through text messages, phone calls, chats and email.

The University of Alabama and Arizona State University also used the software’s developed analytics to measure how effective marketing efforts are. This enabled the schools to intensify their targeted campaigns.

At the University of Alabama, undergraduate applications increased by 22.9% and led to a 42.4% increase in new students’ enrollment in 2009, to be precise. This was after the implementation of the Talisma CRM. There were also new transfers which increased by 16.2% and the numbers are still going up.

Arizona State University had hopes of enhancing the recruitment efforts at a low budget. The school had the international student as its target but they did not know how they could reach the students and that is where the CRM software came in.

Features within the Talisma CRM software made it possible for officials to observe and measure how effective the effort of the recruiters was. The program shows the number of calls made by a recruiter and the length of those calls. Users are also able to modify the analytics to what they prefer.

There are also two other types of software that are similar to the Talisma CRM software and work quite the same way. They are the Ellucian Recruiter and the Jenzarbar Recruitment Manager (JRM).

The JRM software is created to help in getting a lot of work done in little time. JRM manages lists, produces and sends personal communications and monitors progress. It also captures and updates information and finally, creates and manages events.

Just like Talisma CRM, JRM is flexible as it can be used on its own or can be used together with another ERP program of the same company. The Ellucian Recruiter was awarded with the 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Public Sector Partner Excellence Award. This is because Recruiter is Ellucian’s high-education CRM software.

The Recruiter is also similar to Talisma and JRM. “Marketing communications consultant” is a feature in Recruiter that creates email templates that can be managed by colleges in one place. This means that an automated email can be sent to a student who had started filling out an online application form but did not finish it.

Recruiter also helps schools in hitting all their enrollment targets which are; undergraduate domestic, undergraduate international and graduate, with the use of one system.

CRM software is definitely a big break to schools as it has made work easier in recruiting and retaining students. Therefore, colleges and universities that have acquired the software are already reaping the fruits.


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