Call Center Gets Mobile Banking Upgrade

With recent advancements in technology, banks all around the world are making use of new systems to streamline their services and make banking easier and more enjoyable for their customers. Call centers, in particular, are undergoing some huge changes, with new systems like email and instant messaging services replacing the more traditional method of phone calls. The introduction of apps and the surging popularity of smartphones means that people find it much simpler to pose queries and questions via a chat-based service than a live telephone call. Mobile banking and new technologies are certainly offering plenty of upgrades to traditional call centers.

A Polish bank called mBank, renowned for its use of the latest tech products and services, is making use of the globally popular messaging service, WhatsApp, to interact and communicate with its clients. The head of IT at the bank, Jaroslaw Mastalerz, revealed that customers nowadays simply aren’t interested in talking via a phone call, preferring instead to use text-based messaging systems. Mastalerz also claims that the increased use of mobile devices represents a real marketing challenge for banks in general.

With more and more popular using mobile apps to check their bank accounts, the banks need to respond by adapting their sites to suit mobile devices. With smaller screens and a reliance on applications, tablets and smartphones have their own special requirements and content needs to be changed in order to suit these devices. It can be difficult for banks to promote themselves and encourage customers to invest in additional services without the use of phone calls and large-scale websites, but banks will need to respond and make the necessary changes in order to be successful.

Banks around the US are responding to this problem in a variety of ways. Orrstown Bank has introduced a system that allows customers to text a call center instead of calling them directly. Banks like Bank of America are also getting in on the action by regularly updating their mobile applications with new features. Meanwhile, an increasingly popular banking service called Digit uses humorous and casual texts to establish a friendly relationship with its users. Other banks are all attempting to connect with their customers via digital media as the world becomes increasingly reliant on new forms of technology.

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets continuing to rise every single year, a higher percentage of the global population will be using applications and other mobile services to get in touch with their banks and access their accounts. Banks are already responding by upgrading their call centers with exciting new systems to make the traditional question and query procedure much simpler. However, more banks need to adapt to the times and embrace technology if they don’t want to be left behind. Mobile banking is evidently the way of the future and it will be interesting to see the various ways in which banks react to continue promoting their products and services while staying in touch with their customers.


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