Call Center Technology Explodes With New Possibilities

Toward the end of 2014 the technological world saw several new and effective call center trends. These new trends will make the customer experience even more streamlined. The call center experience is always something that companies are striving to improve.

Many companies have listened and incorporated mobile device applications in their call center interactions. Both Internet and voice allow the customer to make adjustments to their accounts using specialized mobile apps. Integrating the mobile customer care has become a big innovation in the call center arena.

Older problems in the call center have been addressed and fixed through cloud based SaaS technology. Call center software that is cloud based has completely changed the way call centers serve their customers today. The new software makes for a cheaper and more efficient way of giving the customers the experience they deserve.

Call centers have integrated video technology and support into their custom service strategy. Companies such as Verizon and IKEA are improving their customer support with video technology. A help desk agent can now utilize videos to help them better serve customers with how-to videos and troubleshooting information.

The social media has revolutionized how customers receive help. This technology has become the preferred method customers use when seeking answers from a company. Icons such as Facebook and Twitter have helped to lower the call volume the call centers once received. Social media today is offering customers a fast and easy way to speak to a representative which, in turn, helps to improve call center response and the customer's experience.

Customers are also seeing more time freed up with automatic call-backs. No longer is the customer complaining about long hold times and this helps add to customer loyalty and longevity.

Speech analytics is on the wish lists of many executives. This exciting futuristic technology is a type of speech recognition software that identifies words and analyzes audio patterns to detect stress and emotions in the speaker's voice.

By analyzing the phone conversation with a customer, the company can discover useful information regarding their products and services. The analyzed information can help decision makers improve their company’s customer experience. Furthermore, the information can help identify problems in the call center and help the company decide if their agents need further training.



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