Choosing the Right Sale Automation Solution for Your Business

Your sales representatives need an effective automated solution to be successful. For your in-house sales reps a tool to facilitate their workflow, send emails, and record calls are a must. To promote your in-house sales growth your company needs to integrate a sales automation solution to help your sales reps streamline the sales process. However, not all sales automation solutions are right for you.

Before purchasing a sales automation solution package you must first pay special attention to the prospecting modular inside the program. For your sales reps the most challenging part of their work is prospecting. Consider these nine factors when selecting a sales automation solution for your company.

1. Sales automation needs to be a team effort.

If your sales team is to be successful you need to form a team that includes sales management, marketing and your IT department. Using a team ensures that all parties feel that the solution is worth using and has value. 

2. You must understand your sales organization.

Each part of your sales team has unique needs. Your in-house team needs email, calling tools, and a continuous workflow. For field sales they need mobile access to your company’s databases. Also, your software should be able to create leads, set appointments for your sales reps in the field. Finally, if you use channel sales your program should include the workflow, calling tools, and email possibilities.

3. Evaluate your needs and keep an eye on the future.

Make sure your in-house sales team is always equipped with the right tools. Because, your in-house sales teams accounts for 50% of your company’s sales and has a higher sales rate than your field reps. Therefore, you must consider that your in-house sales team will grow faster than your field team.

4. You must be able to identify and pinpoint your sales pains.

As a business owner, you must be able to identify and understand what your sales pain points are. Ask yourself if your sales reps are missing their sales targets, are not producing your projected results, or being overly optimistic about their sales opportunities. You must be able to identify what works for your sales team and be able to forecast sales.

5. Setting your sales manager’s objectives for the next year.

It is important that you set your sales manager’s objective for each year. Part of your goals is to capture new accounts, increase your existing account penetration, optimize lead generation, and increase your sales effectiveness.

6. Decide if you want to use the cloud or on-premise automation software.

One important question you must ask yourself is do you want to use in-house automation software or use cloud-based software solutions. With cloud services you have a lower cost of entry, provided with disaster recovery, your sales team can work anywhere, and you receive automatic update. However, with in-house software stored on your servers can provide your company with full data control and lower security costs.

7. What is your software functionality needs?

Your business must decide on what you must have and what would be nice to have inside your sales automation software. Some considerations include a workflow engine that can automate, optimize, and organize your daily workflow for your sales team members. Also, a module for email and calling that can automate the next steps. You need the ability to integrate your sales automation software with your existing CRM solution. Don’t forget you also need software that is flexible and can be scalable. Finally, your software should provide you with a clear picture of what is being done, provide mobile access, and generate reports.

8. Prospecting is the most import modules in your automation software.

It is important for your sales team to have an automating prospecting module that can help your team make better choices. By automating and simplifying your team’s follow-up sales tasks will help your sales team increase their calls by 50 percent. Selecting software with automated prospecting will reduce your sales team inputs by 83 percent.

9. Your automation software needs analytics and insight components.

It is important for your business to be able to obtain detailed analytics reports that can help you determine your hiring plans based on realistic sales projections. Also, the program must provide you with a way to create tactics on what works best, provide you with more efficient sales reps, and increase your sales revenue without increasing your sales staff.


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