5 Cloud-Based Phone Services Myths Revealed

The FCC has been openly discussing ending the traditional public phone network, which means that businesses have to decide if they will switch to the cloud-based communication systems. Many corporations are not sure if the cloud-based communication system is right for their business. Considering today the cloud-based communication is becoming increasingly popular and your business can benefit from adapting now to the new future of communication.

One of the top cloud-based business phone services foresees a growing shift in the near future as more businesses move to cloud communication. Right now companies are reluctant to make the switch to the cloud communication system because of the misconceptions in phone quality services. There are five common myths why enterprises are concerned about cloud-based phone services and their security.

1. Companies worry about voice quality and how it will be affected.

If a company has a suitable Internet connection, any digital phone service can deliver considerably higher voice quality than traditional copper landlines. Also, voice reproduction is more accurate and lifelike than traditional copper landlines. Therefore, many digital phone users report that that voice quality sounds more natural and has less of a tinny sound on their digital service.

2. Companies worry that the technology is less secure.

Cloud-based phone services offer a higher level of security and guarantee your company your conversations are secure. Cloud-based services use compatible hardware that encrypts all voice packets sent through the network. In addition, company’s private Internet connection secure the path the packets travel making interception and decryption virtually impossible. Therefore, your company’s traditional landline is considerably easier to tap into.

3. Companies worry about scalability and limitations using cloud phone services.

The new cloud-based phone system offers more scalability than company’s on-site phone systems. With cloud-based phone systems, there’s no need to install a PBX on-site which means that the initial deployment is rapid and simple. Adding additional lines as your organization grows happens in a mater of minutes because cloud-based providers remotely add additional lines. Whereas, your on-site service requires a technician to physically install new lines into your office. Furthermore, the cloud-base service offers flexible software and device options for your business to easily integrate new stall into your communication ecosystems. 

4. Switching to Cloud-based phone services are expensive.

A cloud-based cloud service is cost-effective for your company because there is no on-site hardware PBX to install. This saves your company thousand of dollars each month on leasing and maintenance cost of a PBX. Many cloud-based service providers offer hardware preprogrammed and ready to install in your enterprise. Companies who choose to use their old analog system only need to purchase an analog-to-digital adaptor which is cost-effective compared to purchasing new equipment. Also, the use of desktops and the smartphone's applications can reduce the cost completely and there’s no need for new hardware.

5. Cloud-based phone technology will be obsolete in a few years.

VOIP technologies are well-established components of the telephone network and have been for several years the choice of personal use for long distance and international calling. The FCC has recently voted to test the deployment of IP networks to replace the existing copper-wire based infrastructure. Soon communication will reach the point where the adoption of IP technology will no longer be an option.

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