Companies Need an Overall Encryption Plan to Keep Their Data Safe

Encryption software will secure your company’s sensitive data and keep it safe. All sensitive data needs to be encrypted before connecting to a VPN, a removable media device, an email client, or storage devices. Windows OS now makes it easy to encrypt your data with BitLocker. The encryption software is now part of the Windows OS.

However, if you’re a large corporation, standard encryption software won’t protect your data. Therefore, your IT department must implement an overall solution for encrypting your data. The plan must include: 

  1. Encrypting your data when it leaves your company to the cloud.
  2. The data must be encrypted before it’s transferred to an online storage service.
  3. All the data in your network must be encrypted.
  4. All archived data must be encrypted before leaving your company.

Use Long Cryptographic Keys 

When encrypting your sensitive data use a minimum of a 128-bit encryption key. Corporations should consider using the AES-192 for generating their encryption keys and securing their data. Remember, the keys are harder to break when more bits are used to generate your keys.

Backup Your Encryption Keys in a Remote Location 

Encryption keys can get corrupted, especially when moving your data from one storage device to another. Backing up your encryption keys in a secure location gives you access to the information so you can decipher the corrupted encryption key. When backing up your encryption key choose a secure location on a different network, a removable device, or locked in a fireproof vault. Always keep more than one backup copy of your encryption keys and store your backups in different locations. 

Encrypt All Sensitive Archived Data

Corporations understand the importance of encrypting their sensitive data. However, once the data is archived, many corporations don’t feel the need to encrypt that data. Archived data must be encrypted in order to protect your sensitive information. But, if your company considers archived data as non-sensitive data, then destroy it.



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