5 Steps to Designing a Successful Content Promotional Plan

It will definitely take years to master the art and science of marketing. Extensive research takes place for marketers, and some even continuously study by enrolling in schools. The secret is to go through processes in order to learn the basic foundation of marketing.

Here’s an excellent framework which I would like to share with those who would like to create a winning content promotional plan. Before you can follow these steps, I would highly recommend for you to do your own research from other credible marketers as well.

1. The scientific method of a marketing research.

Imagine that you are going to make a thesis. Before starting your research, you need to figure out what’s going on. Some people think that if you already have a problem, objectives and goals, it’s enough to start research. You need to study others' research before starting your own. You will not be able to find out what needs to be figured out if you have limited information with you. Research other marketing strategies and see what needs to be improved with your brand.

After doing your research, you may now start with your own. Formulate you research question, problem, goals and objectives. If you’ve come to this point, you will then realize the importance of what your science teacher taught you years ago. Scientific method will always give you quantitative and qualitative results, so stick with it.

2. To begin with, why are you creating a plan?

After sufficient extensive research, you may now begin creating a plan. It is acceptable to doubt your brand at first, but since you have done your research, you don’t need to doubt making a plan. A step by step procedure needs to be followed when creating an effective plan. Most people rush into starting their businesses, and as a marketer, you have to make sure that the business owner will be confident with his brand.

A plan should include short, medium and long term goals, because your timeline will not be efficient if you decide to start on different areas at once.

3. How important is audience research?

Most people fail on this area because of too much focus on brand recall. All your marketing strategies will fail if you do not know who your target market is.

4. What is the duration of your timeline?

The duration of your timeline should be according to your objectives, goals and list of priorities. Never skip anything on your timeline. A check list will definitely help you on your step by step procedure.

5. Why are mass communications crucial on your plan?

Everything will be a waste if you will not put a huge effort on how to sell your product through the internet, radio and television and print advertisements. Mass communications play a big role on your marketing plan. You have to send the right messages across.

Confidence in your brand is not enough. You have to get yourself out there so people will see and hear about your brand.


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