Does Your Company Need CDN Web Server Hosting?

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a large set of distributed servers located in multiple data centers. The CDN servers all connect to the Internet. The principle of the CDN network is to provide higher quality and better performance for websites. CDNs host large amounts of data for downloads, media files, software, and data streaming. 

Would your company’s website benefit from a CDN?

Many website administrators believe that the website would benefit from CDN hosting. They feel this type of hosting would improve the overall site’s performance. However, smaller websites don’t need a CDN service to improve their site’s performance. What they need instead, is page optimization to improve their site’s performance. 

What to do before moving your website to a CDN.

  1. Improve your website content and page layout.
  2. Optimize the loading time for each web page.
  3. Ensure all your web pages are mobile friendly. 

What are the benefits of using a CDN hosting service?

  1. Provides high speed access to your files and website pages.
  2. No matter the location of the person they can have high speed access to your website.
  3. On a CDN there’s you don’t experience surges in traffic.
  4. CDN hosting has multiple servers around the globe to improve overloads.
  5. You website decreases the time it takes to load your pages.
  6. Your clients can download your files faster.
  7. If have increased download speeds when streaming videos.
  8. CDN web servers provide your company easy access to your information.
  9. A CDN hosting company is highly reliable.
  10. For mobile devices a CDN loads your website faster on their devices.
  11. You can easily scale your CDN service to increase your bandwidth.
  12. CDN hosting offers 24 hour support for all your servers.
  13. CDN hosting has added security on all their servers.
  14. CDN hosting servers cache your information to load your website faster. 

If your website hosts videos, music, or other large download file you’ll benefit from a CDN hosting company. Furthermore, all websites that sell products on the internet can decrease the time it takes to check out. But, if your own a small website, that doesn’t have a lot of page a CDN hosting company isn’t right for you.



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