Doing Business in Multinational Surroundings

National diversity is fundamental in the global marketplace and it can bring about confusion about how to behave. When it comes to communicating with other individuals from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, people sometimes do not know how to act. They do not even realize whether their acting should be different.

Physical or cultural features should not be the reason for categorizing or creating stereotypes. People’s behavior should be based upon the etiquette to respect others and the differences between them. However, sometimes it will be required that you adjust your verbal and nonverbal behavior for certain situations.

Business people have learned to use standard code to get along with one another. The code has allowed them to know how to behave and what to expect from each other. In the United States, the international business language is Standard American English, and authorized protocol is standard Western manners. Those who respect these standards have higher chances of commercial success.

Others will criticize you if you do not behave or speak according to these standards. Additionally, you can end up in many troubles if you have no respect for those who follow other established practices. Still, there is a contradiction lurking here. The business standards require Western manners and Standard American English. However, what if English is not your native language and you have other codes of manners? The answer is: do as the Americans do. However, you do not have to maintain American business etiquette continuously, but only when doing business in the United States. Different codes of etiquette may apply when doing other activities.

Furthermore, another useful thing for businessmen is to know more than one language. If you have no time to learn the language, then learn a few phrases that will help you express yourself. Understanding slang and jargon can be beneficial for certain businesses, but speaking and writing clearly and grammatically is what really matters in almost all other situations.

Once you have learned to communicate, next step is learning how to behave. You have to acquire information about the culture in order to respect it. If you are regularly doing business in different parts of the world, read about those parts and find out more interesting facts about the people and culture. You can always take a course in protocol and educate yourself on various things required when doing business. The main goal is to stand out positively and get your business to another level.

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