Employee Assessment Tools

Employee assessment tools are everywhere. They are abundant and sometimes it is hard to figure out which tools work the best on employees. There are computer software, fill out forms, co-workers, and so much more. So which way is the best way to assess how an employee is performing at their job?


Co-workers are one of the worst employee assessment tools. While most employers do not use co-workers for peer review, some companies use it as a standard. Most of the time, this turns around and ends up in a he said she said battle. It is extremely wise to stay away from this type of employee assessment. Otherwise, many of the employees may end up quitting because there would be so much office politics.

Fill out Forms

Tests seem to be taking control of how employee assessments are done. There are many different types of employee assessment tools in the form of tests. Some tests are done by the manager asking questions about the employee. Other tests are given directly to the employee and they have to fill out the test on how they are doing at their job. Sometimes, tests are given to both the manager and the employee and they have to compare their answers and give a reason as to why they put their answers. This way, the employee knows exactly what the manager is thinking and the manager knows exactly what the employee is doing.

Computer Software

There are also computer software programs. Many computer software programs use the test formula for the assessment. Some computer programs input information about the employee and prints out a report on their performance based on an average collection of employees across the country. Either way, the computer software does make the entire process a little less personable. Most employees want a good employee assessment where they can figure out what they are doing right and wrong so that they can fix it.

Employee assessment tools can work much better than making a list of the employees faults which usually makes the employee frustrated enough to leave their job or perform more poorly. The best thing to do is to try out each one and see how the managers and employees react to each test. The employee may even be asked what they thought about their performance review and if they enjoyed how it was performed or not. Surprisingly, many employees will answer with an honest answer. It may even be beneficial is a survey is given to the employees and they could anonymously submit their opinion.

Employee assessments are tricky and that is why there are so many tools out there to help managers do them more effectively. They are an important part of making the company grow and continue to be successful. Some employees would not even know their entire job description if it weren't for employee assessments. That is why it is important to find the right tools to make sure the assessments can work for the benefit of the company and not just be a waste of time and money.

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