Employee Motivation Ideas & Techniques

Many companies make the mistake of motivating employees with money or bonuses, but this sometimes comes back to hurt the company because the employees begin to expect a bonus every time they do their regular job. Other companies make the mistake of motivating employees with fear and threats of their jobs. Both of these will sometimes work, but most of the time they will usually end up hurting the company in the long run. Most employees do not want to be threatened because they feel that there are enough jobs out there that they could find another one in at least a month.

However, there are different ways to motivate employees without hurting the company. One misconception that people have about motivation is that it has to involve something material. Most of the motivation that people get in their everyday lives is all mental. Companies should focus on the mental motivation of its employees instead of material motivation.

Little things that do not even cost any money at all can have a huge impact on how the employees do their work. One thing that many companies do is continuously go over projects with the employees that they are working on. This way, if the project seems to be too hard, the managers can assist and make it feel like it is not such a burden. Many employees are not motivated if they feel like they have a project that they cannot do or will never finish. This will slow down production immensely in any department. So, making sure that the employees do not feel overwhelmed is a great way of motivation.

Other employees get into a position that they later find out they do not like. The first reaction to this is that they are not smart enough. The employee continuously says that they cannot handle the projects because they do not understand them and they are not smart enough to finish them. The truth is that most employees do not understand the scope of work they are doing for a company until they start working with them. It is the company's job to make sure that they feel comfortable before sending them on their own to do all of their projects. They need to understand what and how they are supposed to do something or otherwise, they will be very unmotivated.

It is important that motivation is an intangible asset to businesses. If a company can motivate its employees, whether it be mentally or materially they have an asset that many other companies do not have. Having motivation of a team is one of the best features that a team can have. It has made people become millionaires and win Super Bowls, so it certainly can increase profits and work quality in an office environment with just a small amount. There are hundreds of possibilities as well. The key is to understand what motivates the employee to getting the job done right.

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